Tau Performance System

ParaTools has contributed extensively to TAU and offers annual support contracts and training workshops for TAU. ParaTools is the sole licensee of the TAU Performance System® trademark owned by the State of Oregon acting by and through the State Board of Higher Education on behalf of the University of Oregon. It is authorized to provide consulting and support services related to the TAU project.

The TAU portal provides a web-based interface to the TAU Performance System® software . It is a personalized web portal where you can store, retrieve and share all your TAU performance data.

Sukra Helitek, RotCFD

Sukra Helitek Logo

ParaTools, Inc., as part of an Army Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase 2 grant is analyzing and implementing distributed message passing parallelism with MPI in order to provide a faster and more efficient implementation to a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) code, RotCFD, developed by Sukra Helitek, Inc..

Increasing Build IQ: Integration Quality Tools for Build

IQB IQB® is a utility for resolving compiler and linker errors which result from missing symbol declarations or definitions. This can happen in the cases of missing #include statements, missing -I flags, or missing libraries in the link step. You may download it from here.

HPC Linux Live DVD


ParaTools offers HPC Linux as a full-featured Linux distribution with packages for scientific computing. You may download it from http://www.hpclinux.com.



PToolsWin is a fully-featured cross compiler system that enables you to easily port parallel HPC applications from Linux to Windows. It fully supports MPI and OpenMP in C, C++, and Fortran.



PToolsRTE a distribution of Python and related packages that supports a variety of HPC and desktop platforms. pyMPI-2.5b0, numpy, scipy, swig, f2py, and matplotlib are all fully supported and integrated with TAU. RHEL, SLES, CentOS, Fedora, Mac OS X, AIX, and others are supported.


ParaTools is an authorized reseller of the Vampir trace visualizer in the U.S. To request a quotation, please contact info. Vampir is developed by T.U. Dresden, Germany. More information on Vampir and VampirServer is available here.


Eclipse Eclipse/PTP binary distributions are available here.

Open Trace Format

Resources for the new Open Trace Format (OTF) specifically designed for representing large-scale platforms are available here. OTF is developed by Technische Universitat Dresden.